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Garage doors are available in various shapes and sizes and can be tailored to match the aesthetic of your home. After all, the garage door is another entryway into your residence, so you want to ensure it presents the same welcoming vibe as your traditional front door. One way you can give your garage door that perfect “welcome home” aesthetic is by installing a flush panel garage door. 

A flush panel garage door is a type of long panel design known for its minimalist yet sophisticated appearance. Its minimalism opens the door to endless design possibilities to enhance your garage door without sacrificing functionality. But how do you create the perfect design for your flush panel garage door? Today we hope to help you answer that question by exploring these three flush panel garage door design ideas. 

1. Think About The Material 

One of the biggest perks of a flush panel garage door is that this design can work on any garage door material. Whether you’re keen on wood or steel for your garage door, that flush panel exterior is a possible option. Ultimately, you need to consider which material will fit with the rest of your exterior home aesthetic and which one you are more willing to work with when it comes to maintenance and other possible complications, such as severe weather. Some garage door materials will also be more compatible with insulation, so make sure the material you choose will work with your future insulation plans. 

2. What About Colors?

A garage door should match or at least complement the look of your home. The good news is that, where flush panel garage door designs are concerned, many suppliers offer an array of color choices. Does your home have a sleek, modern look? Is your house an exemplar of a modern home with classic touches? 

When determining which color you want for your flush panel garage door, think about what options will best suit the rest of your exterior home design. If possible, see if there’s a way to look at in-person samples. Sometimes, the way something is advertised on paper or online does not quite match up in real life, so it’s good to see what that color might look like before committing. Now that you know what material and color you want for your flush panel garage door, there is one more design idea worth considering. 

3. Consider Windows and Other Additions 

Some flush panel garage doors come with windows. While windows are only a possible design option, they can also bring natural sunlight to your garage as well. Most window layouts either place the windows along the top or at the side of the garage door panel. However, windows aren’t the only possible design addition for your new flush panel garage door. You can also consider additional weather-sealing, or you want to install light fixtures at the sides of the garage door. The possibilities are endless for enhancing your flush panel garage door, but only you know what’s right for your home’s curb appeal. 

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