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If you’re someone who uses your bike on a regular basis, keeping it safe is absolutely important. One of the best places to store your bike is in your garage. But how can you store your bike without getting in the way of my car? What if there are multiple bike riders in your family? How will their bikes be properly stored?

Finally, how can you ensure your bike is safe in your garage? Luckily, there are various methods of garage bike storage worth considering. Keep reading to learn how to plan for garage bike storage and about three of the most common garage bike storage methods.

Planning For Garage Bike Storage

Before you can start storing your bikes, you need to execute some essential planning steps. First, take time to determine how much open space is in your garage with all vehicles parked inside it. Compare that to the sizes of your bikes to fully inform how you will approach storing your bikes in your garage. After you’ve taken time to evaluate the space in your garage, you can start thinking about how to store your bikes.

3 Garage Bike Storage Methods

Now that you’ve completed the necessary planning, you can start exploring these three methods of garage bike storage. Read to learn which garage bike storage method is right for you.

1. Ceiling

If you have a lot of headroom in your garage, you can store your bikes by hanging them from the ceiling of your garage. Of course, you’ll need to ensure your bikes don’t take up too much room on the ceiling and that there’s enough clearance between your vehicles and the garage ceiling. For adult-size bicycles, you’ll need heavy-duty ropes and hooks from which to hang them; the bikes can be positioned right-side up or upside down.  If you’re worried about someone breaking into your garage and stealing your bike, a potential thief won’t be likely to spend time getting the bike down from the ceiling. The additional step of getting the bike down from the ceiling will serve as an extra measure of security.

garage bike storage ceiling

2. Wall-Mount Racks

What if there isn’t a reasonable amount of clearance between your bikes and vehicles? In that case, see if your wall is a better candidate for garage bike storage. You can store bikes on your wall with the help of wall mount racks. With this method of garage bike storage, your bike is positioned with the wheels facing the wall. Wall-mount racks are available from a variety of brands, so you can easily research which brand of wall-mount bike rack is best for you.

garage bike storage wall mount

3. Bike Hooks

If you plan to use your garage wall to store your bikes, you don’t need to buy a wall-mount rack. Bike hooks are another option worth considering for garage bike storage on the wall. However, you’ll need some pegboard in order for this method to work.

Install a pegboard on your garage wall, then place the bike hooks accordingly on the pegboard. Having the bike hooks in the pegboard will allow you to store your bikes in a sideways position. This position will ideally prevent any additional space from being taken.

garage bike storage board

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