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Many external factors can impact a garage door’s lifespan. Weather, maintenance, material, and usage are just a few contributing factors that affect garage door longevity. Naturally, you want to prolong your garage door’s usability, not shorten it. But how exactly do you go about extending the lifespan of your garage door? What practices will allow you to make the most out of using your current garage door before it’s past its prime? Luckily, you can find the answers to these questions by taking the time to learn the garage door longevity tips detailed in this blog.

1. Be Mindful of Usage

The easiest way to prolong garage door longevity is to be mindful of how often and when you use your garage door. Are you using it as the main entry and exit for your home in addition to safekeeping your vehicles? If so, consider cutting back on how often you use the garage door for this purpose. Reserving your garage door for your car will allow this part of your home to last as long as possible since using it wears it down faster.

2. Weatherproofing

The elements are unpredictable, and that’s especially the case in Texas during hurricane season. That’s why you want to invest in weatherproofing your garage door on day one. With these techniques, you can reduce the extent to which wind and water will wear down your garage door. Weatherstripping and sealing for the bottom of your garage door, insulation, and even installing hurricane reinforcement brackets. You can also look into getting a waterproof finish for your garage door panels. Don’t forget to replace weatherstripping the moment it wears out.

3. Cleaning the Tracks

Your garage door tracks play a vital role in ensuring smooth operation. You can hire a garage door technician to do this task, but you can also easily do it yourself. All you need are safety gloves and goggles, a ladder, soap, water, a brush, and silicone-spray lubrication. Taking the time to clear debris out of the tracks will prevent it from building up to the point where it starts interfering with the operation of your garage door.

4. Pick A Durable Material

If you’re in the beginning stages of obtaining a garage door, be intentional about the material you select, as some are more durable than others. Some of the most durable and long-lasting garage doors are made of wood, composite wood, vinyl, and steel. Aluminum can easily dent, and fiberglass can easily break. Choose your garage door material wisely, as it can literally play a role in how long it will last.

5.  Inspections and Maintenance

Finally, inspections and maintenance performed by garage door technicians are a surefire way to boost garage door longevity. Inspections are a great way for a technician to check that your garage door is in good shape and to catch any potential problems so they can be addressed before they worsen. Performing garage door maintenance tasks once or twice a year will also keep your garage door in great shape, from thoroughly cleaning each and every component to lubricating springs, cables, and hinges.

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Hopefully, these garage door longevity tips will bear visible results not long after you implement them. Making an effort to care for your garage door will go a long way toward preserving its functionality and value. If you are in search of a reliable service to carry out a thorough garage door inspection or to provide maintenance, you can call our team at Best Garage Door Repair right here in Houston. Contact us today and experience our stellar services now.

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