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In our opinion, garages don’t get enough love. People invest in them a lot less than the rest of their houses, which results in this part of the home deteriorating quicker. It’s a common myth that garage doors are sturdy enough that you don’t have to pay them much mind. But that isn’t true, especially if you do a lot of work in your garage. If you haven’t considered how you should maintain your garage, it’s time to start. One of the best things you can do for starters is to get yourself some garage floor paint. 

Why You Need Garage Floor Paint 

If you’re reading this article and doubt the need for garage floor paint, let’s expel those doubts. Here are some reasons why you need garage floor paint

Keeps Dust Under Control 

Your concrete garage is a hotspot for dust. Think about it. There are tons of grooves and divots in concrete that trap debris, making it almost impossible to clean. When your garage floor is full of dust, you’ll likely end up tracking it into other parts of your home. If you struggle with allergies, this could result in your health degrading. It’s more hygienic to keep your garage floor sealed. 

Prevents Damage to Concrete Floors 

Concrete is very porous. That means it absorbs moisture and other liquids faster. This is especially bad when you spill liquids like oil on your floor, as it will result in permanent staining and “contamination” By the time your floor is contaminated, it’s too late to paint because it will cause the coating to delaminate. If you want to protect your floor, you should act before any damage occurs. 

Makes Cleaning Easier 

It’s difficult to clean concrete. No matter how much you dust and sweep, there’s always going to be debris left behind. However, applying coating or paint to your garage floor reduces this problem. Once your garage floor is sealed, you can give it a quick mop for a guaranteed clean! 

Increases Resale Value 

The more you invest in your home, the better it will sell. A finished garage that is sparkling and clean will appeal much more to homebuyers than one that is dingy and unkempt. While you should never undertake a project simply because of resale value, this is a big factor! But the main reason you should go through home improvement is because of how much better it will make your life. If an improvement makes you enjoy your home more, that’s all that matters. 

Looks Better

Let’s be honest. Plain concrete flooring isn’t attractive. That’s the reason most people don’t walk into their garage and think, “Wow! What an attractive space!” A coated or painted floor looks much better than regular, dull concrete. 

A man applying gray garage floor paint

Types of Garage Floor Paint 

Okay, now you know why you need more garage door paint. Now we can help you choose the right paint option for you. Here are the types of garage floor paint you can pick from: 

Latex Garage Floor Paint 

Latex paint is water-based, and it’s less expensive than acrylic and epoxy options. This paint dries quickly and does not release strong fumes. However, it’s not very durable. It doesn’t hold up well under inclement weather. 

Acrylic Garage Floor Paint 

Acrylic garage floor paint costs up to two times more than latex, but it will last longer. Unlike latex, it won’t fade in the sun, and it stands up to the elements better. It also won’t chip or crack as easily, making it ideal for garages that are not temperature-controlled. When your floor expands and shrinks with the weather, acrylic paint’s flexibility helps it stay intact. 

Epoxy Garage Floor Paint 

Epoxy paint is the most expensive and durable option. True epoxy paint comes in a kit with a resin and a hardener. You have to mix the two ingredients together before applying this paint to the floor. Please note some acrylic and latex options have epoxy mixed in, but that doesn’t make them high-quality. Be careful to distinguish actual epoxy paint from hybrid mixtures. 

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