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Garage doors are important. However, few people pay them any mind. Many homes come with garages, and unless you are a car fanatic with a fancy collection, you likely didn’t think much about your garage door when you purchased yours. Perhaps this seems harmless. After all, what is the harm in not taking interest in this appliance? Well, we are here to tell you that it is important to care about your garage door. One of the most important things to consider is what material your garage door is made of. Today, we will be discussing steel garage doors. Learn about the importance of caring for your appliance and choosing the right material below! 

Why Should I Care About My Garage Door? 

Before we talk about steel garage doors and whether they are right for you, let us clear up any doubt about the importance of caring for these appliances. There are three main reasons you should care for your garage door. First, this appliance becomes a safety hazard when not properly maintained. A spring, cable, panel, or other part may break and slam against you or another member of your family, resulting in injury if you neglect your door. This problem can be prevented by regular care. 

Second, a poorly-maintained garage door is a security hazard. If you have an attached garage, the last thing you want is to leave this appliance vulnerable to burglars and other criminals who can use it as an access point into your home. Finally, keeping your garage door healthy helps keep the resale value of your home higher. Nobody wants to purchase a property where there are areas full of obvious neglect. 

For all of these reasons, it is important to care about your garage door. Now, let’s discuss steel garage doors. Steel is an excellent choice for most homeowners, but it is important to educate yourself about it before you choose it for your appliance. Keep reading to learn more. 

5 Benefits Of Steel Garage Doors 

1. Steel Garage Doors Are Durable 

A garage door can cost thousands of dollars. Thus, you want to choose something strong and long-lasting. Steel meets both of those requirements. This wonderful material is one of the most durable ones available. It holds its own during all types of weather conditions, and it is not easily damaged. If your neighbor’s kid chucks a baseball against your steel garage door or a hailstorm hits your area, you do not have to worry about your appliance denting. 

2. Steel Garage Doors Are Versatile 

Are you picky when it comes to garage door styles? That won’t be a problem when you choose steel. Steel garage doors are manufactured in a wide variety of designs, including carriage-style, sectional, and roll-up. You are also able to paint steel garage doors, meaning that your color options are almost limitless. 

An example of steel garage doors in a commercial setting

3. Steel Garage Doors Are Easy to Maintain 

If you’re a busy individual with little time for home improvement, you will love how low-maintenance steel garage doors are. All you have to do is clean your garage door a few times a year and invest in an annual inspection to prevent damaged parts. Other than getting necessary repairs when the need arises, you will barely have to give your door any thought. 

4. Steel Garage Doors Are Secure

We mentioned above how weak doors can be a security hazard. That is not an issue with steel. Because steel is durable and strong, it is harder for burglars to force an appliance made of this material open. Thus, investing in steel can help improve your home’s security. 

5. Steel Garage Doors Block Sound

Living in a neighborhood sometimes means dealing with a lot of noise. Everyone seems to have that one neighbor who loves to blare loud music at all hours of the day. Then there are families with children who play outside during the seasons, making a racket as they frolic and romp around. For those who struggle to deal with noise, we have good news for you. Steel garage doors help block sound and keep your garage (and home) quieter! 

Drawbacks of Steel Garage Doors 

Steel garage doors are not perfect. Nothing is. Naturally, there are some drawbacks to purchasing one for your home. However, the drawbacks are minor and should not be a dealbreaker. First, steel garage doors are vulnerable to rust and corrosion. Thus, it is important to keep on top of maintenance during the winter to prevent these problems. Second, steel is not the best insulator. That means you will likely need to invest in extra insulation to stop your HVAC system from working overtime. However, other than these two concerns, steel has no major drawbacks! 

We Install and Maintain Steel Garage Doors! 

After reading this blog, you might be ready to replace your old appliance with one made of steel. If that is the case, we are happy for you. Making improvements to your home is always satisfying. Our team is here to help you for all of your steel garage door needs. Whether you need installation, maintenance, or repairs, we are here for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services!