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C.H.I. is a leading garage door company in the U.S. C.H.I. garage doors are known for their excellent quality, value, and craftsmanship. From their first garage door built in 1981 to today, their garage doors are known for their durability, design, and sturdiness.

C.H.I. Garage Door Types

C.H.I. has a huge variety of garage doors in different materials and designs when it comes to options.


  1. Their vinyl garage doorsare quite similar to vinyl decks and fences. These garage doors are durable and last a long time, made from PVC materials. They are quite difficult to damage or dent. Moreover, vinyl H.I. garage doors are quite easy to maintain.
  2. Their fiberglass garage doorsare ideal if you are looking for more architectural details. Since fiberglass can be molded easily, you can get great results in this material. Fiberglass H.I. garage doors can easily be painted, they are corrosion-resistant, have high impact resistance, and come in a faux wood appearance.
  3. Their aluminum garage doorsoffer a contemporary appearance and are great for humid areas. Aluminum garage doors are corrosion-resistant and have a very sturdy framework.
  4. Their wood garage doorsare traditional-style doors that offer a natural look to the exteriors of your house. This incredibly versatile material complements any house and offers organic beauty.
  5. Their steel doorsare the most in-demand and affordable garage doors that come in various styles, colors, and finishes. These high-power doors are very easy to maintain and have extended warranties.

Vinyl and fiberglass C.H.I. garage doors come with insulation. However, if you opt for other materials, you will have to get them insulated. Insulation helps maintain the temperature in your house and makes them comfortable for winters and summers. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, you will want it to be insulated.

Best Garage Door Repair can help you with that. We offer long-lasting and effective insulation for C.H.I. garage doors to make your garage spaces comfier and better.


C.H.I. garage doors come in several design collections to match the exterior of your house. These include:

  1. Carriage-stylegarage doors are created with an overlay of fiberglass, steel, or wood grain finishes. You will have several window options, colors, and hardware choices to choose from. You can create your own custom look for these carriage-style garage doors. If you want to go for a classic vintage look, go for these carriage-style doors.
  2. Flush panelgarage doors are a contemporary design that bridges the gap between traditional and modern doors. These garage doors have continuous horizontal panels that you can customize in terms of paint colors, offset or centered windows, and faux wood finishes.
  3. Recessed panel garage doors are an ideal option for traditional houses. They are available in aluminum and steel materials with an artificial wood finish.
  4. Raised panel garage doors are manufactured in steel and fiberglass materials. They come in white and a number of neutral colors.
  5. Accent plank garage doors are made with horizontal plank doors. They are ideal for minimalistic homes. Accent planks come in neutral colors. You also have options to choose the glass style and window placement.

You have the option to customize all C.H.I. garage doors according to the style of your exterior.

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