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Garage doors can be made of many different materials. There’s vinyl, various kinds of wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, tempered glass, metal, and many more. Two of the most popular options for garage door materials are fiberglass and steel. Each one brings its own unique benefits and drawbacks. In terms of knowing which one to get, it’s always best to consider what you want to prioritize for your garage door. For a closer look, let’s examine the case of fiberglass vs steel garage doors. 

Fiberglass Vs Steel Garage Doors 

Many points make a fiberglass vs steel garage doors comparison worthwhile. In this blog, we will review each quality of these garage doors and determine which material is the better option. For the purposes of this blog, you’ll get insight into the durability, longevity, design capabilities, installation, and maintenance required when going through fiberglass vs steel garage doors. 


You want a garage door that can withstand any force of nature, from harsh winds to rising floodwaters. For this reason, durability is a great comparison point to begin the case of fiberglass vs steel garage doors. Where fiberglass is concerned, it easily withstands heavy rainfall and precipitation, denting, and warping. That’s because its steel reinforcement makes it quite durable. That said, it can fade from overexposure to direct sunlight. 

Steel garage doors, by their nature, are very sturdy and durable. While fiberglass garage doors benefit from composite materials, steel doors are more prone to rusting over time. The rust-resistant advantage of fiberglass makes it the better choice where durability is concerned, but if you live in an area that gets strong winds, steel might be a somewhat better choice. 

Design Possibilities

If maintaining high curb appeal is a priority for you, consider the design possibilities of fiberglass vs steel garage doors. Fiberglass brings many design possibilities for your garage doors. If you enjoy the classic look of a wood garage door but aren’t keen on the extensive upkeep required, then fiberglass is a great option since it is used in many faux wood garage doors. That said, fiberglass tends to come with a pre-set selection of color options, which is more limiting in terms of customizability. 

Steel garage doors are available in many styles, from sectional to carriage house. Customizable features include color, windows, panels, and other decorative elements. This material can also pull off a faux-wood appearance with the right paint job. Steel is your best bet if you want a wider range of color options. However, fiberglass is the way to go if you are dead set on a faux wood finish. 


Insulation is a must for any garage door. When comparing fiberglass vs steel garage doors in terms of insulation, neither material is technically a natural insulator. For that reason, insulation is something that is added to both types of garage doors. That said, a triple-layer fiberglass garage door is more likely to bear results in regulating your home’s temperature. For steel garage doors, triple-layer insulation can help reduce the amount of noise they would otherwise produce. While fiberglass is often favored with regard to insulation, the insulation quality ultimately depends more on whether or not it was installed correctly than the garage door material itself. 


In examining fiberglass vs steel garage doors, upkeep requirements are a factor worth considering when choosing between the two materials. The good news is that both types of garage doors are low maintenance, as they are susceptible to the same extensive damage that wood garage doors face. Fiberglass has a slight edge over steel since steel is more prone to scratching and rusting and needs those touch-ups to prevent said rust. 

fiberglass vs steel garage doors maintenance


Finally, the cost is a major consideration for anyone planning to install a garage door. Both fiberglass and steel are considered affordable options, as they are both less expensive than wood. That said, if saving money is a major priority for you at this time, you’ll have better luck finding cheaper options than steel, as fiberglass, while affordable, still costs more. 

Our Technicians Work With Any Garage Door Material!

When it comes to fiberglass vs steel garage doors, it’s ultimately up to you and what you value most in a garage door to make the final decision. As soon as you make that choice, you’ll need to hire a reliable garage door technician to take care of the installation and provide you with proper maintenance guidelines. Luckily, our Best Garage Door Repair technicians work with any garage door material, so reach out to us today for the best garage door service in Houston!