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When you are looking for a new garage door, all you ideally need is something that will be a one-time investment. A garage door that will stay put for many years to come, with no trouble. This is where the WeatherGuard series comes in! WeatherGuard garage door series is one of Amarr’s most reliable and durable residential steel products.
One of the C.H.I. garage doors installed
If you are thinking about installing a new garage door to insulate the garage area and keep the house safe with a sturdy door, WeatherGuard is a great option. It offers triple-layer superior construction with energy efficiency and a noise-free experience.

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Why Are WeatherGuard Garage Doors Best for Residential Properties?

WeatherGuard garage doors have a unique design that improves the safety of a house while providing a stylish appearance. With center and end hinges, pinch-resistant sections, and tamper-resistant bottom brackets, it is the ultimate safe door for any residential property. WeatherGuard garage door is an insulated door with environmentally friendly polystyrene. It will keep the garage warm and cozy by providing an energy-saving barrier that works in extreme temperatures.

Whether it is hot or cold, the steel surface of WeatherGuard provides thermal protection by uniting the exterior and interior surfaces. The garage doors have a special Amarr Wear Seal that keeps the material durable and long-lasting. These seals are thermal and air-tight to strengthen individual sections of the door to withstand any weather condition.

WeatherGuard doors have an interior and exterior layer of heavy gauge steel with eco-friendly insulation. The doors are galvanized to prevent rusting over time, aided by the two-step paint job. There is a primer coat first, then a polyester topcoat which requires no further paint. The finished look of the WeatherGuard garage door is stunning both inside and out.

There is a tongue and groove section that helps make the design of WeatherGuard doors pinch-resistant. It also protects from drafts and other external elements that may impact the garage door itself and the interior space.

The doors also have a Weather Seal made up of the flexible and contoured vinyl seal to stop dirt, dust, or moisture from entering the garage. The tamper-resistant bottom brackets are practical to prevent accidents, which is another great feature that provides a safe experience with a WeatherGuard garage door.

Aspects of a WeatherGuard Steel Garage Door

Choosing the right garage door can be difficult if you are a new homeowner who wants to install a safe barrier to protect their garage from the natural elements. Besides protecting the car, you would also look for a door that provides insulation and prevents accidents due to the low quality of the garage door. Therefore, you should pick the WeatherGuard garage door as it offers a safe and long-lasting experience for your garage.

WeatherGuard garage doors have a tamper-resistant bottom bracket specific to residential steel garage doors. It protects the door and people from any unexpected accidents. The roller tube is also full length to prevent any slip-outs. The safety factor is a major reason most homeowners pick WeatherGuard over other garage doors.

Another factor that seals the deal is the center hinges. They are flush-mount inboard design hinges that add pinch resistance as another feature of the WeatherGuard garage door. The design is so unique that the hinges are inconspicuous inside the door. The end hinges are also useful as they leave no room for any fingers—a crucial problem most homeowners face!

Many factors impact the choice of owning a WeatherGuard garage door, but the protection and safety it provides is the deciding aspect. The wear-resistance material and coating also help keep the door intact and strong for many years. However, there is a chance of having an unexpected maintenance or repair problem where you will need professional advice and help.

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