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Your garage door is able to open and close as needed thanks to many parts working together, such as the opener, springs, rollers, cables, and many other parts. Another part of your garage door that allows it to open and close is the hinges. Garage door hinges keep each section of your garage door panel connected together. 

They’re often made of galvanized steel and can be produced in many different sizes and shapes to accommodate whatever garage door they will keep together. However, like all garage door parts, even hinges require maintenance and replacement. Keep reading to learn all about garage door hinge replacement. 


3 Signs That It’s Time For Garage Door Hinge Replacement 

It’s very important to recognize the signs that it’s time for a garage door hinge replacement. Here are three signs that it’s time for garage door hinge replacement. 


1. Severe Wear And Tear

Depending on the life expectancy of your hinges, you can expect to start seeing visible wear at some point. That wear and tear could be the natural result of the passage of time or even result from extensive rust that routine lubrication can’t fix. As soon as you take notice of any of your hinges looking worn out, set time aside to have them replaced. 

2. Strange Sounds

You automatically know something is amiss when your garage door makes strange sounds. Upon hearing this sound, start examining each individual part of your garage for any indication of whether or not it might be its source. You can also lubricate the parts of your garage that require it (hinges included) and see if that makes a difference. Call a garage door technician immediately if you keep hearing strange sounds from your garage when it’s operating. 

3. Damaged Or Missing Parts 

The most obvious sign that it’s time to replace your garage door hinges is if they have obtained any obvious damage or if too many parts are missing. If ordering replacement parts for whatever is missing is out of the question, then your best bet is to replace your garage door hinges. 


Garage Door Hinge Replacement In 5 Steps 

Knowing the signs for when to replace your garage door hinges will allow you to be better prepared to proceed with garage door hinge replacement. Here are the five steps involved in successfully replacing your garage door hinges. 


1. Find The Appropriate Hinges

There are many different types of garage door hinges, so you first need to make sure you order the correct ones for your garage door. You should be able to find the same hinges from the appropriate manufacturer for your door. 

2. Close Your Garage Door And Turn Off The Opener

When the new hinges have arrived, and you’re ready to install them, make sure to close your garage door and turn off the opener. That way, you can safely proceed with the garage door hinge replacement process. 

3. Remove The Old Hinges

You will remove the old hinges using a screwdriver. Carefully set aside the screws and old hinges so you don’t mix them up with their replacements. After removing one hinge, install that hinge’s replacement. This will ensure that your garage door remains secure throughout the replacement process. 

4. Install The New Hinges

As previously stated, install each replacement hinge as you remove the old ones. Ensure the screws are nice and tight so the new hinges remain in place. Once every new hinge is installed, you can move on to the final step. 

5. Test Your Garage Door

Now that you’ve installed new garage door hinges turn the opener back on to test your garage door. If any sounds are coming from the new hinges, lubricate or check on their tightness. As long as your garage door operates smoothly, you’ll be able to use your garage door as usual once more. 

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