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Hurricane season is fast approaching, and with that comes stressing out over preparedness for any level of severe conditions. From winds to flood waters, you want to ensure your home is prepared and well-protected against any tropical storm or hurricane. Garage door hurricane braces are just one tool that can help you maintain security in your home against the elements.

Now you’re probably wondering a few things. What are garage door hurricane braces? How do they work? Do they have any notable benefits and drawbacks? Luckily, by reading this blog, you will learn some of the most important information about garage door hurricane braces.

What Are Garage Door Hurricane Braces?

Garage door hurricane braces are braces that keep your garage door secured to the ceiling and floor of your garage. For horizontally seamed doors, the braces will be vertical; for vertically seamed doors, the braces will be horizontal. Hurricane braces for your garage door are a form of protection against extreme winds during a hurricane. Specifically, they ensure your garage door doesn’t get blown off its hinges and remains attached. They also protect your garage door from serious denting and damage.

garage door hurricane braces

Why Use Garage Door Hurricane Braces?

Now that you know what garage door hurricane braces are and how they work, you’ll want to know what you have to gain from using them yourself. For that reason, it’s time to take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of these hurricane-proofing tools.

Benefits Of Garage Door Hurricane Braces

While there are plenty of benefits to installing this type of storm-proofing device for your garage door, take a close look at the two most important ones.

Sturdy And Durable

Garage door hurricane braces are, first and foremost, sturdy and durable. These implements are built to withstand extremely high levels of wind power. When properly installed, these braces shouldn’t even budge an inch while a hurricane rages on in your neighborhood. The sturdiness and durability of these hurricane braces will leave you reassured about the state of your garage and garage door, even during the most severe storms.

DIY-Friendly Installation

Do you consider yourself a DIYer? Have you ever wanted to complete a DIY project for your garage door? The good news is that installing hurricane braces for your garage door is a very DIY-friendly process. All you need are braces, concrete anchors, some treated lumber, a power drill, and a circular saw. While you can leave this job to a technician, it’s good to know that it’s not a difficult installation process should you choose to do it yourself.

Drawbacks Of Garage Door Hurricane Braces

After looking at the two benefits of garage door hurricane braces, it’s just as important to understand the drawbacks. If you decide to purchase garage door hurricane braces, these are some things to be mindful of.

Aesthetically Unappealing

While hurricane braces are a good way to protect your garage door from severe winds, they aren’t the best choice when it comes to aesthetics. Understandably though, you’re probably not investing in this mechanism for a curb appeal boost but for protection.

Results May Vary

Sometimes, things don’t always work how they’re supposed to, and garage door hurricane braces are no exception. They may not always work to the best of their ability at times, depending on the storm and the security of the braces. They might even only be able to protect your garage door from some, but not all, damages. Keep this in mind when installing the braces.

Best Garage Door Repair Technicians Provide Excellent Hurricane-Proofing!

Now that you know more about garage door hurricane braces, you’ll be able to decide whether or not they will make a difference when hurricane season begins. There are plenty of other ways to prepare your garage door during this unpredictable time of year, and our technicians at Best Garage Door Repair can help with that. Contact us today so your garage door can stay strong against the unpredictable forces of nature.