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Garage Door Painting

The number of ways in which your garage door contributes to your property are many. Your garage door acts as a line of defense against burglars and animals; it protects the contents in your garage from the harsh weather; it makes your home look more stunning; it even helps cut down energy losses, thereby reducing your utility bill.

Each and every part that goes into your garage door plays a vital role in allowing it to serve your home in the numerous ways mentioned above. This even includes the paint that goes onto your garage door. Most people believe that garage door paint, or paint on any part of your home for that matter, only serves an aesthetic purpose.

However, this belief is pretty far from the truth. In fact, your garage door paint serves more of a practical purpose than it does an aesthetical one. This is why you should put a lot of thought into choosing the color, the type, and the brand for your garage door paint, a wrong choice at your end could cost you a lot without you even knowing about it.

This is why you need the help of a professional garage door painting service that knows and understands all the factors that have to be considered when getting your garage door painted. Best Garage Door Repair is an expert garage door company and a veteran in the industry having years’ worth of field experience. We provide extensive garage door-related services, including garage door painting services. So call now on (713) 352-1174 and get your garage door painted!

Benefits of Repainting Your Garage Door

As discussed above, the paint on your garage door serves aesthetic and practical purposes that benefit your entire home. Following are some of the main benefits that a good garage door paint can offer you:

Prolonging Your Garage Door’s Life

Almost all residential and commercial garage doors consist of certain components that are made out of metal. Even more so, some doors can have their entire frame and panels constructed out of metal. When coming into contact with the metal, water and oxygen from the atmosphere can allow rust to settle into these metallic parts.

The corrosion spreads throughout the material, draining away its strength and compromising the structural integrity of the garage door. It is somewhat analogous to termites eating away your wooden furniture. The end result is a rapidly deteriorating garage door with a reduced lifespan.

Selecting a water-proof garage door paint will act as a barrier between the moisture and oxygen in the atmosphere and the metallic parts of your garage door. This takes away the possibility of any contact between them, thereby preventing corrosion and prolonging your garage door’s life. This becomes even more important during stormy weather when the moisture is accompanied by strong winds.

Reducing Energy loss

The paint on your garage door plays a vital role in deciding how well your garage door absorbs or loses thermal energy from or to the surroundings respectively. Certain colors and textures grant the surface they are painted on with the ability to absorb and emit thermal energy very well, while the others can do just the opposite.

Provided that you choose the right combination of color, texture, and material for your garage door paint. It can act as an excellent layer of insulation for your home, preventing the warmth of your home from escaping to the exterior during the winters or preventing the heat from the outside from making its way in during the hot summers.

Protecting the Contents of Your Garage

During stormy weather, rainwater driven by strong winds can make its way inside your garage through tiny hairline crevices in the garage door. This rainwater and moisture can cause many troublesome problems such as mold infestation, short-circuiting electronic equipment stored in the garage, corroding metallic items in the garage such as your car or other tools.

As mentioned above, a good garage door paint can water-proof and weather-proof your garage door. The paint would seal the hairline openings, preventing rainwater and moisture from seeping in.

Enhance the Look of Your House

Repainting your garage door can make a world of difference to the aesthetics of your home. A fresh coat of paint on your garage door can enhance the curb appeal of your property, helping it retain and grow its market value. Moreover, it makes your entire home look fresher, breathing a new life into an old home.

Prolong Garage Door's Life

Reduce Energy Loss

Protect Contents of Garage

Enhance House Appearance

Expert Garage Door Painting Service

These incredible benefits that you can gain from your garage door paint rely on your ability to choose a good paint. However, doing so requires knowledge and experience in the field, something that the team at Best Garage Door repair has in abundance.

Our professionals are industry-trained experts who know just what your garage door needs and how to provide it. Additionally, we offer complete garage door-related services such as garage door repair, installation, and painting. So call now on (713) 352-1174 and get a team of experts on their way to you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint a garage door?

Yes! A garage door can be painted if you do not like the existing color.

What kind of paint should be used on a garage door?

The best type of paint to use on vinyl and wooden garage doors is exterior latex paint. Metal garage doors should be painted with oil-based exterior paint. It’s best to use a high-quality paint brand for the best results.

What color should I pain my garage door?

It depends on your personal tastes and the style of your home. See what colors would compliment your home’s existing colors or stand out amongst your neighbors. Try to avoid color trends happening now as they’ll become outdated in a couple of years. If you need assistance, let our team help. We’ll work with you on finding the right paint for your garage door based on taste and home design.