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Garage Door Types

Best Garage Door Repair is happy to service, repair, and install all types of garage doors. There are many different designs, styles, and materials when it comes to this appliance. You can take advantage of our versatility by having our team install a brand new garage door for your home.

Our professional technicians will assist you in you choosing the garage door that will compliment your home’s beauty and fit within your budget. We work with leading garage door manufacturers giving us the edge over others. Plus, we can do more than install your garage door. Technicians can also perform all the necessary repairs and maintenance you may need long after the installation is complete.

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Versatility in Garage Door Types

When looking for a garage door supplier and installer, the following garage door types, styles, and materials are what you need. You can learn a little about each type of garage door below or find out more on their respective page. Give us a call if you have any questions regarding our garage door installation services or the products we use.


Perfect for any style of home, wooden garage doors are a popular option among homeowners. They range in price and can easily fit any size you may need. Even if you don’t have a standard garage door size, creating a custom wooden door is easier than other materials. There is sophistication and attraction wooden garage doors offer that many other types cannot evoke.


Requiring minimal maintenance, steel garage doors stand the test of time. Even though they can last for decades, steel is a very affordable garage door material. They range in all types of sizes and prices. Not to mention, steel doors can give you almost any look you could want since they feature various designs and colors. Steel offers all the customization options you could want in a garage door.


Overhead garage doors, also known as sectional garage doors, are the most common type in the United States. These doors are made up of sectional panels connected with hinges. On the side of each panel are rollers that move up and down in a vertical track on the sides. Overhead garage doors can be made from steel, wood, vinyl, or composite materials.


Primarily found in commercial settings, roll-up garage doors are best suited for areas where you have little ceiling space or you want to achieve a specific style. These garage doors offer a more industrial style that would pair well with brick and exposed air ducts. Many features of roll-up garage doors prevent rusting, corrosion, and deterioration, helping you save on maintenance costs.


Automatic or electric garage doors offer the convenience and ease you need in your daily life. These doors rely on a garage door opener which is connected by a chain, belt, or another type of opening system. You can control your automatic garage door using a clicker or remote specifically programmed for your opener. These automatic openers are effective with a remote from about 50 feet.

Smart Garage

Smart garage door openers are growing in popularity, with the concept of smart homes finally becoming a reality. The opener doesn’t use a traditional remote. Instead, it connects to your local network so that you can operate it from an app on your phone. You can ensure your garage door is closed at work, out of town, or on vacation.

Carriage Style

Carriage garage door styles are not suited for every home. They offer a more traditional look and would not fit well with modern homes. That said, the styles they do fit with are stunning with a carriage-style door. This style of door can open outward or upward. Carriage-style doors that open outward are less popular because they require more room, while vertical doors require less space.


If you own a modern-style home, the flush garage door style is exactly what you need. Unlike carriage garage doors, flush doors have no design on their panels. They are entirely flat with no raised or recessed panels. These doors are typically made of steel, are a single color, and potentially have windows. Flush garage doors are just what you need for a minimalist, modern-style home.


Raised panel garage doors are the opposite of modern and minimalistic. They feature square raised panels with beveled edges. The design is simplistic but can be the perfect choice for your home. They are typically found on overhead garage doors, with some featuring windows and some not. Colors and materials are also variable, with some made of wood and others of composite materials.

Long Panel

Long panel garage doors are similar to raised panels, but instead of squares, they are rectangular. The panels look longer from the raised design giving your garage door the sense of having a wide opening. Long panels are available in the same types of materials as raised, along with the addition of windows if you prefer.

High Lift

High lift garage doors increase the length of the track vertically, so the door doesn’t start curving horizontally until further up the wall. When fully raised, your garage door is closer to the ceiling of the garage, giving you more headspace. This is great for homeowners who are looking for more space in their garage for activities that may require it.


Also known as impact-resistant, hurricane garage doors are doors built to withstand strong winds from hurricanes and tropical storms. These doors are reinforced to withstand high wind speeds, which occur annually in the Greater Houston area. This type of garage door has all the strength without sacrificing any of the beauty. You can install hurricane garage doors of any size, style, design, and color.


Not all stock garage doors can fit your home. In some cases, you may need a custom-sized garage door for your specific property. We’ll work with you to create a custom garage door from one of our manufacturers. Our technicians can help you determine the right size, so it fits perfectly and operates the way it was designed. We also make sure all your design choices are included as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of garage door to buy?

There is no best garage door type as they all offer benefits to the owner. You should also know there is no bad choice when it comes to garage doors. As long as you consider your budget, your needs, and your home’s style, you’ll find the right garage door type for you. If you need assistance, Best Garage Door Repair is here to help as we work with all types of garage doors.

What is a traditional garage door?

Traditional garage doors feature four to five long panels with raised or recessed rectangles. They are the most common type of garage door and some of the most affordable. When most people think of garage doors, traditional is what likely comes to mind.

What is a carriage-style garage door?

A carriage-style garage door originates from carriage houses with big enough doors for horse-drawn carriages. This style of door has boomed with modern garage doors. Modern carriage-style garage doors are typically made of steel but can still be made of wood. They usually raise overhead and feature windows and decorative hardware. They are not suited for all styles of homes but work well with ranch, colonial, and victorian.

What is the best garage door material?

The best garage door materials are either steel or wood. Steel is the most common material garage doors are made of, but wood is not far behind. Both of these options offer advantages and disadvantages you may want to weigh when choosing a garage door.

Below, you can find pros and cons of both:

Steel Garage Doors


  • More affordable
  • Less maintenance
  • Easier to install
  • Last longer
  • Able to mimic other materials such as wood


  • Capable of rusting
  • Capable of denting
  • Limited design choices

Wooden Garage Doors


  • Profound beauty 
  • Doesn’t dent
  • Improves curb appeal significantly
  • Greater energy-efficiency
  • Variety of styles and wood species


  • More expensive
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Prone to changes from the elements
  • More difficult to install