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High Lift

Garage doors come in a variety of shapes and forms. Their designs vary mostly in terms of functionality and aesthetics. A high lift garage door is one example that offers more in terms of operational ability. Although visually appealing styles are available in this type of garage door, they are mostly used in cases where heavy operations are carried out. They serve as an entry point for art studios, home gyms, and auto workshops, even in homes.

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What Is a High Lift Garage Door?

A high lift garage door provides ideal entry for a home or warehouse when large openings are necessary. Typical garage doors provide 7-8 feet of clearance which can hinder the movement of goods or larger vehicles. This can frustrate homeowners using their garages to perform certain professional tasks like art or fitness. With a high lift garage door, clearance can be increased to the ceiling.

Conventional homes have 12 to 15 feet clearance up to the ceiling, and an opening to the top can provide a lot of convenience for various reasons. High lift garage doors provide this ease of access. They can either be installed during the construction of the garage or when performing a conversion on the conventional garage door to enlarge the entryway. Depending on homeowners and their preferences, any of the two solutions can be acceptable.

Why Install a High Lift Garage Door?

Depending on whether you have a residential or commercial garage, a high lift garage door can come in handy for various reasons. They are similar to typical garage doors in operations as they have tracks and openers. High lift garage doors provide additional clearance for vehicles, goods, equipment, or other products that a homeowner may need to move. Installation of high lift garage doors can vary depending on individual preferences.

A high lift garage door system allows you to get more out of your garage, irrespective of how you choose to use the extra space. The tracks might follow the roof’s slope or run upward along the front face of the ceiling in a business building. This creates a large open area that you can utilize to its full potential. Commercial work can be carried out more effectively with the larger opening, providing convenience and minimizing efforts that waste time.

Residential Applications of High Lift Garage Doors

You can turn your garage into a functional extension to your house with a high lift garage door system. You may make a home gym, an auto workshop, a yoga studio, a woodshop, an art studio, a “man cave,” or extra storage space. There can be other ideas floating around in your head with respect to what can be done with the space in the garage. Every vision can be transformed into reality with the simple addition of a high lift garage door.

The recently refurbished garage will be ideal for pursuing hobbies or storing large sporting and camping gear. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about an outdated garage door track obstructing your clearance to the space. The larger entry point means that you can easily move pool tables, gym equipment, statues or sculptures, television sets, or other equipment that completes whatever you want to use the garage area for.

Installation or Conversion for High Lift Garage Door

Installing a high lift garage door requires professional capabilities and tools. If you are looking to install a new or convert an old garage opening with a high lift door, ensure that you get in touch with technicians who have extensive skills in the field. These service providers can offer reliability, cost-effectiveness, peace of mind, and long-term satisfaction for you as a customer due to their knowledge.

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What Is a High Lift Garage Door

Why Install a High Lift Garage Door

Residential Applications of High Lift Garage Doors

Installation or Conversion for High Lift Garage Door

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