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Garage doors are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. The majority of the differences between their designs are practicality and aesthetics. A hurricane garage door, for example, provides a higher operational capability and relates to a door’s wind code rating. Although this sort of garage door comes in various visually pleasing styles, it is mostly utilized for areas where extreme weather conditions occur frequently. They can be found in private residences or commercial spaces alike.

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Wind Code Ratings

The US witnesses at least ten major hurricanes on average. Numerous smaller ones hit the country, causing millions of dollars’ worth in damages across various states. These frequent wind storms and hurricanes have prompted many states to introduce appropriate wind code ratings designed to protect modern homes in the case of extreme weather, especially hurricanes.

The wind code was one of the numerous codes developed over the years. It’s a test that determines how well a structure can withstand air. When it comes to wind resistance, garage doors must meet certain requirements. All garage doors in Houston should pass hurricane-resistant rules and standards.

Previously, hurricane- and tropical-storm-resistant garage doors had to be built so that you had to attach beams and supports every time a hurricane or tropical storm hit, then remove them to use the door again. New garage doors are built with enough support systems to withstand both positive and negative pressures caused by hurricanes and other wind-related occurrences.

Hurricane Garage Doors

Garage doors serve as a path of entry for your home, and in this regard, they protect the house as well. This protection is not just against unauthorized entry but also from natural elements like extreme weather etc. Hurricane garage doors provide effective safeguards against thunderstorms or high-velocity winds, which can cause damages to residential as well as commercial properties. Winds blowing at force can knock out garage doors very easily.

Hurricane garage doors are available in various resistance categories, and they provide adequate protection against anomalies like windstorms. Modern technology has enabled the manufacture and installation of doors to withstand wind speeds of up to 200 miles an hour. This is equivalent to a Category 5 Hurricane, which is amongst the most severe conditions in any area across the United States.

When buying a hurricane garage door, it is important to consult a professional for relevant information. They can advise you regarding the weather conditions in your area and the level of resistance that a garage door requires. Different manufacturers offer doors with varying wind code ratings that can be relevant to the weather in your locality. Selecting the appropriate door can help save you against many issues that may arise in the future.

Installation of Hurricane Garage Doors

Installing a hurricane garage door necessitates the use of professional skills and equipment. If you want to install a new garage door or convert an old garage door to one that can resist extreme winds, make sure you contact specialists with vast experience in the industry. Due to their expertise, these service providers can give you dependability, cost-effectiveness, peace of mind, and long-term satisfaction.

A few factors require consideration for the effective installation of hurricane garage doors. These include the exposure zone in which your home falls, the overall location and orientation of the property, and the material from which the door is constructed. Together these elements provide the door an effective resistance against the direct impact of thunderstorms and wind-borne debris as well.

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Wind Code Ratings

Hurricane Garage Doors

Hurricane Garage Doors

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