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Long Panel

Long panel garage doors can do a lot more than protect your car and provide indoor insulation. They can add value to your property, increase curb appeal, and keep your home and family safe from outdoor dangers. Therefore, invest some time, money, and thought into deciding which long panel garage door is the right one for you!

Before investing a single dime on a new garage door, you have to spend time researching the many long-panel garage doors available on the market. New buyers often regret buying a new garage door if they are not helped by an expert who understands the market better than them.

Therefore, we recommend hiring the Best Garage Door Repair professionals to help you find the perfect long panel garage door for you. Give us a call today at (713) 352-1174!

Long Panel Garage Door for Homes

Every place has its own worth, and a new long panel garage door can add value to that worth by providing sturdy and durable protection for the property. Although you can use it for commercial buildings, we recommend long panel garage doors for residential properties. They add to the aesthetic appeal and make the house look more modern.

If we talk about the overall look of long panel doors, we can see the uniqueness and depth of the design in the rectangular panel shapes. This shape makes long panel doors a versatile option for different home designs. For new garage door buyers, a long panel garage door is the perfect choice as it will blend seamlessly with the overall design of your property.

Most garage doors are wide, but their design can make them look smaller. That’s not the case with a long panel door! These doors have a long rectangle pattern that adds to the depth of the garage door. If you have a single-car garage, you can have two rectangles on each panel of the door. For a two-car garage, you can opt for four long rectangles, which will look aesthetic.

You can get a professional opinion from the Best Garage Door Repair experts to know which type of panel structure will fit your garage door design.

Types of Long Panel Garage Doors

The basic design of a long panel garage door is the same—rectangular shape. However, you can select from several garage door designs and material options to make the long panel garage doors look more appealing. Here are the most common garage door types that look great with a long panel design:

Raised Panel Garage Door

Raised garage doors have panels designed to add depth to the door. If you choose a wooden or composite door, you will have the panels milled into the material, but for a steel door option, you will see the design stamped onto the material. There are types of raised garage doors–short and long. Short panel garage doors work best for Victorian-style housing, but a raised long panel garage door can add aesthetic value to any residential property.

Recessed Panel Garage Door

Recessed garage doors are the opposite of raised doors with a design that has a center panel with a slight depression. They look like cabinet doors with thinner wood, making for a safer garage door design idea. If you want a simple yet modern look to your garage door, you can install a recessed long panel door.

Flush Panel Garage Door

Flush garage doors are slab doors with no recessed or raised panels on the surface. They have the simplest design for a long panel garage door but look extremely beautiful. The best thing about a flush garage door is that it can be green-conscious. These doors are manufactured using recycled Douglas fir and offer the sound and feel of real wood. Flush panel garage doors are perfect for contemporary homes to blend the garage door with the design and not stand out from the structure.

Carriage Garage Door

If you want a garage door with an old-world charm, then the carriage long panel garage door is perfect for you! These garage doors are made of steel with a normal motion of the garage door. However, they look like swinging stable doors, adding special charm to the garage area of your property. You can also customize the carriage garage doors with long panels and windows to match the architectural style of your home.

Raised Panel

Recessed Panel

Flush Panel


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