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When selecting a new garage door for your home, you have to consider many things from the manufacturer to the material. It’s not an easy decision as garage doors come in various styles and colors with numerous panel and window combinations. However, at Best Garage Door Repair, we recommend using a raised panel garage door for your home.

Raised panel doors have their unique style and look with multiple design options. You can communicate with a garage door repair expert to guide you through the selection process and help you choose the perfect raised panel garage door for your property.

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Garage Doors with Raised Panel

Raised garage doors are the most common in the United States because of the classic style. These doors are highly durable, reliable, and low maintenance. If we have to label it, a raised panel garage door can easily be called the standard US garage door. The best thing about raised panel garage doors is the multiple material and color choices with standard hardware and window options.

You can either come up with your own design of the garage door with raised panels or hire an expert to help you navigate all the design possibilities. You can learn about the different sizes, lengths, and orientations of the panels. You can run them vertically or horizontally, depending on your preferences.

If you choose to have long raised panels, you can have a unique distinction and depth to the raised panel garage door. On the other hand, short raised panels have a style that works best for Victorian-style homes with intricate details.

Appearance of Raised Garage Doors

Raised panel for garage doors has a beveled edge with detailed cuts in the perimeter. If you select the wooden door option, these details look explicit. The cuts are milled into the wood to provide a more genuine feel that adds to the aesthetics of the home. In the case of a steel product, these details have to be stamped to provide the raised panel look.

The raised panel garage door looks different from recessed doors as it has a bulkier appearance. If you have a simple trim, a recessed panel is a better option for the garage door. Raised panels look best with complex and decorative designs. It’s also important to consider the number of panels before deciding between a raised and recessed panel garage door.

Why Use a Raised Panel Garage Door?

While recessed is the ‘safer’ option when it comes to adding a simple garage door, a raised panel garage door provides the uniqueness every home needs. There are many top qualities of the raised panel door and some benefits you can enjoy as a homeowner. Following are the benefits you can enjoy by installing a raised garage door:

1. Flexible Design Options

Raised panel garage doors give you the freedom to design the door according to your preferences. It does not have to be overly complicated or simple—you can get it designed to fit with the overall look of your home. When you hire a professional garage door expert, you will choose to help with the design and decide whether to keep the panels horizontal or vertical.

2. Classy Appearance

When you can install a garage door with depth and a dramatic appearance that increases the aesthetic value of your house, why opt for anything else? With a raised panel garage door, you can rest assured that the final product will be distinct and unique compared to other properties in your area.

3. Available Standard Options

It’s always a relief to find a garage door type with numerous standard options like color, material, windows, and other hardware. When you opt to install a wooden raised panel garage door, you can have it painted easily to match the color scheme of your property. If you choose to have a steel-raised garage door, you can use uninsulated or insulated models to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Appearance of Raised Garage Doors

Flexible Design Options

Classy Appearance

Available Standard Options

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