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Smart Garage

We have come a long way, from using manual carriage style garage doors to installing and operating various kinds of automatic garage doors. Now, with the advent of smart garage doors, things are even more convenient and efficient than ever before! If you live in Houston or its nearby communities and are searching for experienced professionals to provide you with a wide range of smart garage door services, we’ve got you covered! Best Garage Door Repair offers all smart garage door repairs and replacements, so buckle up and enjoy the best services for your specific requirements and needs.

What Is a Smart Garage Door?

Garage doors have been around for centuries, and we saw the invention of electric garage doors back in 1926. Now, with the growing industry of smart home automation devices, even garage doors have jumped on the bandwagon of utilizing smart technology to add to our comfort, safety, and convenience. But what exactly is a smart garage door? Let’s find out!

With the ability to connect to a WiFi device, a smart garage door opener works like any other conventional garage door. As the name suggests, you can operate and monitor your smart garage door with a smartphone using a dedicated application. These devices also make for efficient and reliable security devices, and most property owners prefer these garage door types because of this very reason.

The added security, safety, and convenience are consequences any property owner can enjoy after automating their property. However, since these openers are located on the property’s access point, they’re more preferred than some other smart devices in the market.

Benefits of a Smart Garage Door Installation

One of the most significant advantages of smart garage door installation is that you can check when the door is opened and closed from your smartphone. Imagine you went outside to the yard to clean or complete other chores and forgot to close the garage door after going back inside the property. With a smart garage door, you can verify whether your garage door is open and close it all while sitting on your couch. Some other benefits of this garage door type include:

  • Garage door activity alerts and notifications.
  • Record of event history.
  • Connection with existing automated home devices.
  • Possibility to incorporate the IFTTT service.
  • Can connect to a voice assistant.
  • Easy remote replacements.
  • Remote access to the garage door.

Smart Garage Door Opener Types

If you’re worried you’ll have to replace the entire garage door for automation and smart technology integration, we have good news for you! There are two different garage door opener types, and one of them is an add-on device that can be linked to the existing garage door elements. On the other hand, a full systems opener includes the entire package with all mounting brackets, hardware, motor, and drive mechanism.

While both opener types are easy to install, their prices may vary. However, if your garage door has outlived its lifespan and you’re considering a replacement or new garage door installation, you can opt for the full systems smart opener.

The Different Drive Mechanisms

Different property owners have different requirements in terms of the drive mechanism installed with the garage door system. Some prefer quieter drive mechanisms, while others opt for budget-friendly ones. In particular, there are five different smart garage door drive mechanisms. These include:

  • Jackshaft
  • Direct drive
  • Belt drive
  • Screw drive
  • Chain drive

The Best Smart Garage Door Services

Best Garage Door Repair offers smart garage door repair, maintenance, replacement, and installation services in several cities across Texas. We have a dedicated team of experts with several years of experience and training who can help you with all garage door services. We also offer free estimates to property owners in several cities in Texas.

Garage door activity alerts and notifications

Record of event history

Connection with existing automated home devices

Possibility to incorporate the IFTTT service

Can connect to a voice assistant

Easy remote replacements

Remote access to the garage door


Direct drive

Belt drive

Screw drive

Chain drive

Get in Touch

Whether your garage door has outlived its lifespan or you’re looking to integrate smart technology into your existing garage door system, we can help you with any service for your commercial or residential property. Additionally, we also provide all garage door repairs and maintenance services.

Give us a call on (713) 352-1174 now to book your services and avail a free estimate! We will evaluate all your needs and requirements and offer professional advice tailored to fit them. Hurry up, and don’t miss your chance of automating your garage door for additional safety and convenience with smart garage doors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are smart garage door openers are safe?

Yes! Smart garage door openers are safe as most of them feature encryption technology to prevent from being hacked. That said, anything connected to an internet network can be hacked. However, your garage door is more likely to be broken into using physical force than being hacked. If you’d like some advanced options for garage door openers, contact our team for some assistance!

Can you turn an existing garage door into a smart garage door?

Yes! There is technology you can add to your existing garage door opener to make it smart technology. If you’re interested in this kind of addition, get in touch with our team to learn more!

How much is a smart garage door opener?

The cost of a smart garage door opener varies on the manufacturer, but you can expect them to range anywhere from $50 to well over $1,000. If you want a professional to help your search or to install your smart garage door opener, get in touch with our team today!

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