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Beautiful Steel Garage Doors in Houston, Texas

Garage doors play an essential role in upgrading your home’s curb appeal. No matter what kind of interior design you have or the types of windows or doors you install, your garage door is the first thing your guests will notice as they pull into your driveway. Selecting the perfect kind of garage door can be extremely difficult when you see the plethora of options and choices available. Steel garage doors are the most durable and flexible for all kinds of residential and commercial properties. They are available in a wide variety of design and style options and can even be customized easily to match the customer’s preferences.

Various Types of Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are available in a myriad of design and style options. No matter what kind of design you prefer or the color you would like to paint your garage door, steel garage doors can be customized precisely per your requests. The six most common types of steel garage doors are:

Roll Up Steel Garage Door

Roll up steel garage doors can be more commonly found in commercial areas. These steel garage doors are great for spaces with limited ceiling space. Roll up steel garage doors are made by combining a few inches of steel sections that roll around a drum above the door’s opening. Roll-up steel garage doors are applicable to residential usages but are much more suited to heavy usage and high-performance garage spaces. This style is expensive due to the heavy-duty work of the roll-up type of garage door design.

Slide-to-Side Steel Garage Door

The slide-to-side steel garage doors operate efficiently and do not occupy much space above your garage. This garage door style was one of the first styles and is still popular today for its easy mechanism. The sliding mechanism of this steel garage door is managed by a retractable motor making the door slide on trolleys. They do not require garage door springs or an overhead garage door operator.

Sectional Steel Garage Door

Sectional steel garage doors are the most popular garage door in the USA. These garage doors are made up of large garage door panels interconnected with hinges. To open the garage door, the wheels of each panel roll up the vertical track affixed to the side of the garage door opening. The hinges of the garage door panels bend over a curved section of the garage door tracks.

This mechanism allows the sectional steel garage door to stay parallel to the ceiling when it is open. Garage door cables are also attached to the heavy steel garage door to prevent falling when it is incompletely open. These garage doors can be easily customized with window inserts, special hardware, fortified insulation, and various colors.

Side-Hinged Steel Garage Door

Side-hinged garage doors have a mechanism of swinging open and closed from the hinged frames from both sides of the garage door opening. This type of steel garage door is similar to large barn doors and is readily available in galvanized steel options. This old-style garage door has become increasingly popular for garages with less vertical garage space. Specific conversion arms can be used to automate side-hinged garage doors.

Over-Canopy Steel Garage Door

Over-canopy steel garage doors make your garage look spectacularly beautiful. Like a side-hinged garage door, these doors are made up of a single piece attached with a pivoting mechanism to tilt up in the garage. The canopy style garage door can be expanded past the front of the house when open, providing shade and breeze.

Over-Retractable Steel Garage Door

Over-retractable steel garage doors are similar to over-canopy steel garage door designs but can be suspended independently from the garage door frame. This mechanism allows them to not protrude in front of the house but requires much more space. This type of garage door can be challenging to operate hence have much higher prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint steel garage doors?

Yes! When painting a steel garage door, use oil-based exterior paint from a high-quality paint brand. 

Do steel garage doors rust?

Steel garage doors are capable of rusting when they are poorly maintained. To prevent rusting, coat your door with a protective coating. This will help increase the door’s resistance to rust.

How much does a steel garage door weigh?

A single-car steel garage door can weigh anywhere from 85 to 130 pounds.

How much does a steel garage door cost?

The cost of a steel garage door is determined by its size, manufacturer, and style. Steel garage doors are the most affordable type of garage door, but they can easily exceed the price of other materials. 

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