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Best Garage Door Repair’s expertise and knowledge extend well past garage doors. Gates are an excellent alternative to garage doors, but they are also great additions for longer driveways. Installing an automatic driveway gate can help your home remain safe while also maintaining that convenience you deserve.

We can apply our repair and installation services to your gate needs as a garage door repair service. Give us a call today to get a gate installed for your home or for us to service your existing gate. Either way, you’ll receive service from top-quality technicians with years of experience servicing garage doors and gates.

Gate Installation

Like garage doors, gates have a lot of options when it comes to design, material, style, and type. Many popular gate options include iron, steel, and wood. As for their type, they can open outward or slide open. The choice will come down to your property. Some homeowners may not have the room for a gate that slides open.

On top of these choices, you have to choose colors, design, and size. Custom gates are common in the Houston area. We work with trusted manufacturers who are capable of creating a custom gate for your home. They can craft it according to your specifications and personalization. All you need to do is get in touch with Best Garage Door Repair today.

Automatic Gate Openers

Already have a gate? Let our team install an automatic gate opener for your convenience. On the other hand, we can service your automatic gate opener for any damages or repairs. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge needed to identify problems and implement effective solutions. Be sure to avoid the problems of an inoperable automatic gate opener by calling our team today. We offer 24-hour repair services for those who have an emergency.

24-Hour Gate Repair

Gates’ proximity to moving vehicles and exposure to the elements allow them to develop scraping, leaning, rust, and dents. These issues reduce the efficiency and beauty of your gate. You should get your gate serviced as soon as possible to prevent further issues. Our technicians address these problems at the source by performing a complete inspection.

From there, we establish the best course of action based on the data we have collected. Many aspects of your gate will determine the right solution, but we can ensure it will be addressed properly. Each technician is equipped with the right tools and resources to carry out our 24-hour gate repair services.

Residential Gate Services

Our residential gate services offer everything you could want when it comes to caring for your driveway gate. Make sure you have the right professionals servicing your gate so that it meets your expectations and works properly. If you’re interested in having an automatic gate installed for your driveway, contact our team to start the process!

For those who already have an automatic gate and require maintenance, feel free to contact us at any time of the day or night. Our repair services are available 24/7!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an electric driveway gate cost?

The cost of your electric driveway gate will vary depending on its size and the material the gate is made from. Our team can provide you with an estimate for your electric gate installation when you call us today. After we learn more about your needs, we can give you the price estimate you need. 

Can I put a gate on my driveway?

Yes! We recommend you check with your HOA’s regulations before contacting our team for driveway gate installation. Once you have the rules and regulations, we can abide by them to ensure your gate meets your HOA’s expectations.

Do driveway gates add value to my home?

Yes! Driveway gates are seen as an added layer of safety and security for home buyers. Any feature that improves these qualities of your property will add value to your home.

Can I make my existing driveway gate automatic?

Yes! Our team can install the necessary equipment for your driveway gate to be automatic. This typically requires adding a motor, receiver, and method of opening. Many automatic gates swing out, while some can slide on a rail or wheels. Our team will determine which is best for you depending on your property.