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From carriage house to overhead, residential garage doors not only protect your home but also boost its exterior aesthetic. One of the most popular garage door styles is the raised panel garage door. This garage door style is known as the classic American garage door due to its durability and design flexibility. These garage door panels are also notably thicker than most other panel varieties, which adds to their durability. While there are many interesting facts about raised panel garage doors, today we are just going to look at three raised panel garage door fun facts. 

1. A Raised Panel Garage Door Can Be Insulated 

One of the biggest perks of a raised panel garage door is that it can be insulated. Insulated garage doors are a worthwhile investment and are, luckily, an option for this type of garage door. Insulating your garage door brings countless benefits. The two main benefits of an insulated garage door are noise reduction and a cheaper energy bill. Insulation keeps hot air from leaving your garage in cold weather and cool air from leaving during the summer, which keeps you from needing to adjust the temperature of your home dramatically. The ability to insulate a raised panel garage door is just the first of our three fun facts about this type of garage door. 

2. Raised Panel Garage Doors Are Available In A Variety of Materials 

If you are worried about being limited by the availability of materials to install a raised panel garage door, then you will be relieved to learn that these garage doors are available in a variety of materials. This availability is due to the fact that a raised panel garage door is mainly defined by its appearance than its composition. These options include wood, steel, fiberglass, or other composite materials. Where wood is concerned, the most popular options are cedar, redwood, oak, walnut, and maple. Each type of wood comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, so if you want a wood-raised panel garage door, make sure to pick the type of wood that will work best for you. 

3. They Are The Ideal Garage Door For Customization 

If you want the freedom to put together a garage door design that reflects your style, then a raised panel garage door is a perfect choice for a custom-designed garage door. Make sure that there is enough room in your budget to go with full customization for your raised panel garage door. You will be able to pick the exterior design, material, color, and finish of your raised panel garage door to match the style of your home. You can also choose whether or not you want windows installed in your raised panel garage door. 

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Hopefully, you enjoyed reading about these three fun facts about raised panel garage doors. A raised panel garage door design is a good option if your home has a dramatic look, as the thick, decorative garage door panel will likely clash with a sleek, modern-looking home. As long as you have the home to match a raised panel garage door, there will be no problems with enhancing your home’s appearance. 

You probably now have a few questions on your mind. How are these raised panels installed? How long does it take for a custom design to be ready? Are there any maintenance routines specific to this type of garage door? Luckily, Best Garage Door Repair is the place to go for the best garage door service in the great state of Texas. Contact us today and find the garage door of your dreams.