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Stratford Garage Door Repair

Stratford Garage Door Repair

Stratford Garage Door Repair

Stratford garage door by Amarr is among the most popular insulated options out there. These garage doors provide the best noise reduction and energy-saving experience with high thermal efficiency and CFC-free insulation. Not only that, but the pinch-protection sections and bottom bracket also improve the homeowner’s safety.





The Stratford series garage doors are perfect for people who want budget-friendly options with proper safety measures. Even though the Stratford garage doors have a 15-year warranty on the finish and a 1-year warranty on the hardware, it’s possible to witness some problems during extreme weather conditions.

Therefore, if you notice any changes in the working of your Stratford garage door, get in touch with the professionals at Best Garage Door Repair by reaching out to (713) 352-1174.

Reasons to Hire Stratford Garage Door Repair Professional

A garage door repair expert never recommends DIY work on a garage door. Getting professional help can save time and money while restoring your garage door to its original condition. Even though most garage door problems are common, if you notice the following issues with your Stratford garage door, get in touch with Best Garage Door Repair as soon as possible!

Noisy Opening and Closing of the Garage Door

A Stratford garage door is supposed to be noise-free with a smooth motion, so if you hear strange sounds from the door while opening or closing, it’s an indication of a problem. Usually, noise from the door’s motion occurs when the wheels and track of the door have some issues.

The common reason could be the lack of lubrication or debris in the tracks. However, there’s a chance that the sound is pointing towards a bigger problem. You can use WD-40 to lubricate the garage door, but you need help from a professional garage door repair expert if the noise persists.

Falling Garage Door

If you try to close your garage door and it suddenly falls instead of closing gently, there is an issue with the lower mechanism of your Stratford garage door. If the springs or cable of the door are not working properly, they affect the closing motion. This problem is not a DIY fix, so you’ll need to hire an expert to fix it.

We recommend that you stop using the garage door until it has been repaired. If you continue using the garage door, it will put more strain on the cables and springs. Moreover, the door will keep shutting very quickly, increasing the chances of accidents.

Garage Door Remote Control Not Working

Garage door control does not have major problems when closing and opening, but it can stop working at some point. The most common cause of a garage door control not working is worn-out batteries. If this is the reason, you can replace the internal battery of the remote control by unscrewing the back and changing the small, compact battery.

If the control does not work even after replacing the battery, the remote control itself needs to be replaced. To find the right remote control replacement for your Stratford garage door, call a professional to help you find an affordable replacement.

Garage Door Opener Switch Not Working

If your garage door remote control works properly, but the door does not budge when you use the opener switch, it means you need help from a garage door professional. The opener switch can stop working for many reasons, one of which is a locked door. If you think that the lock switch is on, check the lock button and disable it.

However, if that’s not the case, it may be a more complex issue with your Stratford garage door opener switch. The circuit breaker might be tripping, or there is damage to the photo-eye sensor—whatever the cause may be, you need to call a garage door repair expert to check the issue and fix it.

Garage Door Motor Malfunctioning

If you press the garage door button and the motor starts running, there is a problem, but the door does not move. And if the door does move, the motor keeps running even when the door stops its motion. It can happen anytime you are opening and closing the door. All you need to do is adjust the limits to reprogram the motor.

If that does not work or the door does not move at all, you can ask for a Stratford garage door expert’s advice on how to proceed. You can also hire them to check the problem and fix it for you at an affordable price.

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