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Garage Door Framing Houston Texas

Amazing Garage Door Framing Materials and Styles in Houston

Garage Door Framing in Houston Texas

Garage Door Framing in Houston Texas

Has your garage door frame been damaged by rodents or the elements? Do you notice signs of structural damage on your garage door framing? Do you need to install a new garage door complete with framing? For your garage door to function properly, your garage door frame must be in perfect shape and condition.

Best Garage Door Repair is a company boasting professional garage door repair experts who can install all kinds of framing for your garage. We have the most advanced tools to make garage door framing installation easy to make your garage door operational in the shortest time possible. Garage door frames can also become damaged over time. Our professionals can proficiently make all kinds of garage door framing repairs for you. If you are looking for excellent garage door framing materials or services, you should call us at (713) 352-1174 to discuss your needs.

Our Garage Door Framing Installation Process

After the draining yet exciting process of your garage door installation has been completed, you are just halfway through total victory. The next step in the garage door installation process is to install a frame for the rough opening of your garage to fit your spectacular new garage door. Your new garage door should fit in the opening of your garage snugly. The garage door framing also helps you install other components of your garage door system, such as the garage door tracks and the garage door springs, which are crucial to the complete operation of your garage door.

The installation process of a garage door frame is simple and can be executed by our reliable and experienced professionals in no time. You should avoid handling this technical and hazardous task on your own and contact our excellent garage door professionals for perfectly accurate and fitting garage door frames.

Supplies and Measurements

The first step followed by our professionals is to make all measurements for your garage door. The length of each side of the rough opening and the garage’s floor to ceiling height will have to be noted down to install the required framing material. Your garage door professional will also ask you if you prefer PVC door jambs or a wooden frame for your garage door framing.

A tip to note while installing your garage door is to ensure your garage door is smaller than the rough opening of your garage for the proper fitting of your garage door. The width of the material you use will establish how large the garage’s opening is after installing the garage door frame.

Installation of the Head Jamb

The next step in the process is to install the head jamb of your garage door. The head door jamb of the garage door frame is the most important part of the framing. Door jambs are the planks of wood installed on the sides and the top header of your door. The top header is known more commonly as the head jamb.

The head jamb is installed before installing the side jambs just so that the side jambs can rest flush against it. Our professionals measure the header as per the horizontal opening of the garage. The most important tip to follow when installing the garage door header is that its thickness should cover the difference between the garage door height and the garage’s rough opening.

Addition of the Side Jambs

After the head jamb has been installed perfectly, our garage door experts will cut down lumber to match the new height of the garage opening. Our professional will install these garage door side jambs using framing nails. Double side jambs are also used in cases where you need to support the extra weight. After the door jambs have been installed completely, the garage door opening will have the same dimensions as the garage door.

Attachment of the Center Bracket Framing

The last step to the process is measuring the distance between the top of the header installed to the ceiling. Our expert will cut a piece of lumber to center it above the header. After this, they will use this piece to attach the center bracket of your garage door spring system.

Contact Experts from Best Garage Door Repair

If you need urgent repair for your garage door framing or require professional garage door framing services, you should call our professionals at Best Garage Door Repair. Our garage door technicians quickly arrive at the scene and address all your repairs promptly. We believe in providing the best customer service to you, so we offer our services at transparent and reasonable pricing.

Please feel free to contact Best Garage Door Repair at (713) 352-1174 for durable garage door framing services in Houston, Texas.