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Carriage Style Garage Doors in Houston TX

Garage doors are one of the most important contributors when it comes to uplifting the aesthetics of your home. They are usually at the forefront of your property, greeting anyone who passes by or visits your place. Moreover, your garage door also functions as one of the primary entrances to your home. This means that you will spend a large amount of time looking at your garage door.

This highlights the importance of having a good-looking garage door. A handsome garage door will enhance the visual appeal of your property and may even help increase its market value. Numerous garage door styles can help you accomplish this. One of the most popular ones is the carriage-style garage door, famous for its charming rustic looks.

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Carriage Style Garage Doors in Houston Texas

What Are Carriage Style Garage Doors?

During the 19th century, after spending their entire day traversing through dusty cobblestone streets, people required an adequate place where they could stow away their buggies and unhitch their horses without having to worry about them being stolen.

While farmers used their barns for this purpose, the rich had special carriage houses constructed on their property. These carriage units were equipped with wide wooden doors which would swing open allowing both the carriage and horses to easily enter the space.

While the old conventional swinging garage doors have evolved into much more convenient automatic garage doors. The endearing rustic charm of carriage-style garage doors has kept their look alive by integrating them into the modern high-tech garage doors.

The modern-day carriage style garage doors effectively combine the old traditional look of the bygone era carriage house doors with the ease and convenience of the advanced automatic garage doors. Modern technology allows you to replace the swinging function of the traditional carriage house doors with automatic door openers. This means they can now operate with the push of a button opening in an overhead fashion.

Construction of a Carriage-Style Garage Door

The materials used for the construction of the garage door are a factor that plays a major role in helping the modern-day carriage style doors mimic the look of their 19th-century ancestors. The original carriage house doors were constructed out of thick wood hitched to the door frame using heavy iron hinges allowing it to swing open.

The modern carriage-style garage doors usually use steel, vinyl, wood, or a combination of any of the aforementioned materials. Additional decorative details, such as cast iron door handles, are added to create an accurate look.

Why Opt for Carriage-Style Garage Doors?

The handsome rustic look is one of the main reasons why people use these doors. Your garage doors are at the front stage of your property and, as such, are one of the very first things that people notice when visiting you or passing by your property. Furnishing your home with these visually appealing garage doors helps enhance your entire home’s looks and curb appeal.

Additionally, carriage-style garage doors offer various options for the style, color, and windows allowing you to tailor its looks to complement that of your home.

Moreover, Best Garage Door Repair affords you the flexibility to get these garage doors designed to operate in the same swinging fashion as the original ones did. This may seem inconvenient; however, it offers numerous advantages over its automated counterparts.

The most important is that swinging carriage-style doors are free from many of the intricate garage door parts that automatic garage doors cannot function without, such as tracks, rollers, door openers, and springs. Having fewer parts means fewer things that can go wrong, so swinging garage doors require much less maintenance. An added advantage is that the absence of tracks also saves quite a bit of ceiling space in your garage.

Visually Appealing

Modern-Day Carriage Style

Construction of Carriage-Style Garage Door

Why Opt for Carriage-Style Garage Doors

Professional Garage Door Service

Best Garage Door Repair offers an extensive list of garage door services. Our work is backed by our years of experience in the industry. We emphasize upholding the highest standards of quality and professionalism to ensure a timely and long-lasting job. For this reason, we remain one of the most trusted garage door services in Houston. To get a carriage-style garage door installed, or for any other garage door-related issue, call us now on (713) 352-1174, and we’ll get your matter sorted.