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Garage Door Cable Repair Houston TX

Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage door cables are used for many purposes, but they have two main functions. The primary use is a “lift cable,” which is present at the bottom corner of the garage door which connects to the counterbalance spring.

The second use is that of a “retaining cable,” which is present on overhead doors attached to stretch-type springs or extensions. The retaining cable assists in preventing the spring from flying away or falling if the cable breaks. If there is any problem with the garage door cables, it can lead to further problems.

We cannot disregard it as a simple cable problem that we don’t have to resolve quickly. The worst-case scenario is that you may have to hire garage door cable repair experts to replace the door completely. Not only will it cost you more money, but it can lead to risks that you could have avoided.

If you face an issue where the garage door cables are not working correctly, call Best Garage Door Repair at (713) 352-1174 to hire a professional garage door cable repair expert.

Garage Door Cable Repair Professionals in Houston Texas

Risks of Broken Garage Door Cables

Most people often disregard minor signs of garage door damage, but if it’s happening to the cables, you need to address the problem as soon as possible. Here are some common risks associated with broken garage door cables:

Personal Injuries

One of the significant risks of broken garage door cables is the possibility of personal injuries. Most people assume that they can save money by fixing things around the house by themselves. However, garage doors should not be one of those things. They are heavy objects that can cause fatal injuries. If a person tries to fix the cables without professional help or knowledge, they will be at risk.

We recommend hiring a garage door cable repair expert as soon as possible. Delaying the repairs increases your chances of getting injured. The professionals can work on the broken cables and fix them properly. You can avoid the risk of personal injury and get your door fixed within a budget.

Vehicle Damage

Garage doors are pretty heavy and can cause severe damage if the cables are not working correctly. The cables are part of the mechanism that opens and closes the garage door. In case of a faulty cable, the door won’t hold its position and can shut suddenly at any time. It can happen to old garage door cables too.

Besides being a personal injury factor, the cable damage can also harm your car, which may or may not be parked inside the garage. If it gets caught in the door, there will be severe damage to the vehicle. Apart from the door repair costs, you will also have to worry about car damages!

Cement Scraping

Most garage doors weigh about 500 pounds or more, making them more likely to damage your garage’s cement. It can happen when damage to the garage door cables leads to the door shutting rather quickly.

As the 500-pound object crashes to the ground, it will chip the cement and cause damage that will not be cheap. However, cement chipping would be the least of your concerns when there is a garage door that needs to be replaced.

Garage Door Replacement

If you are lucky, the faulty garage door cables will not harm you or your car. However, there is a high chance that the crashing door will sustain some damage. Instead of hiring a garage door cable repair expert to fix the door, you’ll have to hire them to replace it, which will cost you a lot.

Even the most low-priced garage doors are pricey, and the replacement cost can be high enough to be unaffordable. We recommend hiring a professional to fix the cables as soon as possible to avoid the headache and additional cost.

Garage door cable failure can be unsafe for many reasons. It can be dangerous for anyone living in the house or near it. It can also damage the property’s structural integrity, so we recommend hiring a professional to repair the door before it’s too late.

Personal Injuries

Vehicle Damage

Cement Scraping

Garage Door Replacement

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