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Garage Insulation

Garages can be more than a place to park your car. Most people use them to store valuables or convert the space into an extra room in the house. However, standard garage door conditions are not ideal for a long-term stay. You can convert it into a home office or a gym, but managing the temperature without garage insulation will be challenging.

Although it’s a great space within your house that can be useful for various purposes, its non-weatherproof nature makes it challenging to remain there for long periods. Generally, the garage becomes a sauna during hot summer days and a freezing chamber during winter.

You can use a temperature control system to regulate the cooling or heating, but maintaining an ideal temperature will be impossible.

Therefore, the best way to convert your garage into a functional space is to use garage insulation for walls, floors, ceilings, and doors. Although it’s easier to find someone who can insulate the concrete area of the garage, most people have trouble insulating their garage doors.

Best Garage Door Repair in Houston provides garage insulation for people who want to use their garage space for multiple purposes. Give us a call today at (713) 352-1174 to get an insulated garage door installed!

Why Use Garage Door Insulation?

People often opt out of using an insulated garage door, thinking that they will be good to go after insulating the walls, ceiling, and floor. However, using an uninsulated garage door has many disadvantages. A garage door is the biggest opening in your house, and it can quickly lose heat and energy when opened.

During winters, the draft can enter the room, and it may take a while before the garage gets back to its ideal temperature. And in summer, the garage space can become hot and humid, making it impossible to stay for more than a few minutes.

Insulating the garage door helps with these issues and provides a moderate temperature inside the garage despite the weather conditions.

Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

Following are the most common benefits of garage door insulation:

Elevated Door Strength

An insulated garage door is better at temperature control and proves to be more robust than a non-insulated door. It does not get damaged due to constant opening and closing, everyday use, or vehicle dents. It’s also more resistant to rusting as it is not a single-layer door. Most insulated garage doors are made with a steel frame insulated with solid materials to last a long time.

Lesser Noise

Due to the sturdy nature of an insulated garage door, the operation becomes quieter than a non-insulated garage door. It absorbs sound and vibration caused by the constant opening and closing of the door. If you notice that your insulated garage door is making noise, you should get the tracks checked by a professional as soon as possible. It could be a problem with the chains, hinges, springs, or rollers.

More Comfort

Garage insulation improves the living conditions inside your home. With an insulated garage door, you can minimize heat loss during winters and keep the garage cool during the summer season. If you use a higher level of insulation for the garage door, you can use the space throughout the year without worrying about temperature control.

Better Energy Efficiency

One of the most important reasons to have an insulated garage door is to save energy. Even with the constant operation of the door, it will be more energy-efficient than a non-insulated door. Besides, a moderate temperature maintained inside the garage can reduce cooling or heating costs by wasting less energy. An insulated garage door will also help keep a moderate temperature in other areas of the house attached to the garage.

Elevated Door Strength

Reduced Noise


Conserve Energy

Contact Us Now for Garage Insulation in Houston

With an insulated garage door, you can make a positive change in the indoor living space of your home. The garage insulation is not only beneficial for the space inside the door, but it also provides insulation for rooms above or beside the garage. With an insulated garage door, this thermal boundary becomes more efficient and keeps the house warmer or cooler depending on the season.

If you want to turn your garage into a comfortable living space, get in touch with Best Garage Door Repair professionals in Houston today at (713) 352-1174. Our industry experts have experience handling all types of garage doors, so you’ll only receive the best services from us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is garage door insulation necessary?

Yes! Garage door insulation helps maintain the temperature of your home. An underinsulated garage door will lead to a loss of temperature-controlled air, causing higher utility bills. For this reason, we recommend garage door insulation even in Houston.

Do new garage doors come insulated?

In most cases, yes. It comes down to the type of garage door your purchase. We can help you find the right insulated garage door for your home. The brands we work with manufacture a variety of insulated garage doors perfect for your garage. 

Do I need an insulated garage door in Houston?

Even in Houston, an insulated garage door is necessary as it will help you reduce your cooling bill. This is especially true if your garage door is attached to your home. The insulated door will reduce the transfer of heat from outside.

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