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Garage Door Maintenance in Houston TX

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors seem sturdy enough to last a long time, but they are also prone to damage and deterioration. Without bi-annual garage door maintenance, it’s impossible to keep them functioning properly for years.

If you neglect or delay proper maintenance, there will be a lot of stress on different door parts. Eventually, it will fail to work correctly, leading to costly repairs. You can avoid exorbitant repair fees by keeping up with frequent garage door maintenance. There are simple methods to inspect different parts of the door for wear and tear.

You can check for yourself and seek professional assistance if one or more parts are not functioning well. If you want an expert to inspect the garage door for maintenance, call Best Garage Door Repair at (713) 352-1174.

Garage Door Maintenance in Houston Texas

Inspection and Maintenance of Garage Door

Some seasons demand special maintenance and inspection, but garage door maintenance is not specifically seasonal. You can create your schedule for maintenance checks to ensure the garage door is working all year round without getting affected by changing temperatures.

You can avoid future repair costs and keep your garage door working correctly by following these measures:

1. Check the Tracks

The tracks on either side of your garage door play a vital role in opening and closing by guiding the wheels. If the wheels are not on track, the door will become an accident waiting to happen. It’s a good idea to check them before every season to make sure they are aligned correctly.

2. Listen to the Garage Door

Keep note of the sound and look of your garage door so that you’ll be able to notice any slight changes. Garage door maintenance checks do not have to be difficult if you know the right way your door is supposed to work. Therefore, you can make it a habit of checking for slow movement, unusual loudness, or grating sounds of the garage door to see if it needs professional attention.

3. Check for Loose Hardware

Your garage door has many nuts and bolts holding it together. If one or more of them get loose, they pose a risk to the door and anything that’s around it. You can check the door for damaged hardware using a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. Some places you can look for loose nuts and bolts include:

  • Garage door opener fasteners
  • Tracks’ brackets
  • Hinged brackets

4. Check the Rollers

The rollers may be damaged if the garage door sounds louder than its normal noise. The rollers work in sync with the tracks and provide a soundless garage door opening and closing experience. The rollers are easy to get damaged, so if you find any, make sure to call a professional right away to get them replaced.

5. Check the Door’s Balance

You can perform the balance check for the garage door any time of the year. It may seem unnecessary given the other essential inspection checks, but the garage door’s balance is crucial so that your opener isn’t overworked. If the opener works hard, it will lead to premature breakdown. Therefore, if you find that the garage door is out of balance, call a professional to take a look at it.

6. Lubricate the Parts

The purpose of a garage door is to move back and forth in the exact location, right? It’s not a problem when the parts get clogged or stuck and need lubrication more than twice a year. You can start the garage door maintenance by using lithium grease on the garage door tracks and roller brackets. You can also use WD-40 if the rollers do not loosen with grease.

7. Check the Cables and Pulleys

While inspecting the garage door, it’s essential to go over each and every part separately. They all play some role in ensuring the door opens and closes each time properly. The cables and pulleys also play a vital role, and if any of them are damaged, you might have to spend a lot of money on repairs. It’s better to call a professional to check your garage door’s cables and pulley system to be safe.

Check the Tracks

Check for Loose Hardware

Listen to the Garage Door

Check the Rollers

Check the Door's Balance

Lubricate the Parts

Check the Cables and Pulleys

Garage door insulation for hot environments

Contact Us Now for Garage Door Maintenance Service in Houston

You can inspect your garage door for any repairs needed, but once you find something that needs to be fixed, get in touch with Best Garage Door Repair by calling us at (713) 352-1174. We have a team of professionals boasting years of experience and training in garage door maintenance.

We offer 24/7 garage door service for anyone in the Houston, TX area, so rest assured, you’ll only receive timely repair and maintenance service from us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do garage doors need maintenance?

Yes! All things require regular maintenance to stay operational and safe. Garage door maintenance comes down to ensuring you receive annual inspections by a professional. Doing so will help you prevent future problems and lower repair costs.  

How often should garage doors be maintained?

We recommend you do a brief look over your garage door every few months. When it comes to professional inspections, they should be completed every year.

Do garage door openers need maintenance?

Yes! Like your garage door, the opener also requires regular maintenance. This comes in the form of listening and observing your door opening and closing. You can also make sure all the hardware is tightened down to prevent anything from becoming problematic later. 

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