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Garage Door Opener Repair in Houston TX

Amazing Garage Door Opener Repair Services in Houston, TX!

Garage door openers have become so much more advanced since their invention in the past century. Garage door openers have enabled homeowners to exit and enter their garage with a light touch of a button. This wonderful invention has automated the tedious and grueling task of opening and closing a bulky garage door.

A garage door opener has become a modern necessity as more advanced and elaborate garage door designs make their way into the market.

Therefore, it can be extremely annoying when your garage door opener refuses to operate properly or malfunctions at the most inconvenient times. It might be that your garage door opener will stop midway while closing or opening your garage door or does not respond to your remote’s commands.

No matter what the problem with your garage door opener may be, the Best Garage Door Opener Repair professionals can offer quality garage door opener repair services for you 24/7!

Expert technicians from Best Garage Door Repair can put your life back on track with the most reliable and affordable garage door opener repair services. Garage door openers are expensive appliances and can cost you a lot of money for replacements.

This is why you should always look for reliable garage door opener repair services that can make fixes for your sensors, alignment, and operating mechanisms at the most affordable prices.

garage door opener repair services in Houston

Our garage door Opener repair technicians can offer transparent and reasonable pricing for our services no matter the issue. Our technicians have proper expertise and years of experience working with all brands and types of garage door openers.

Garage Door Opener Problems You Might Be Facing

Several common faults can leave even the most expensive garage door opener inoperable. Garage door openers should be programmed and repaired only by professionals so that you may be able to utilize them to their full capabilities.

A professional can promptly let you know the fault in your garage door opener and make repairs for your garage door to operate effectively and safely. There are many garage door opener problems that you may face if your garage door opener has become faulty:

Safety Sensors Not Responding

Garage door openers have safety sensors placed strategically to help them sense when to stop closing and opening the garage door. If your garage door opener safety sensors have become faulty or have become misaligned, you should contact for professional help immediately. You may be having problems with the alignment and adjustment of your garage door safety sensors.

Faulty Circuit Boards

The most common sign you will observe when you have a malfunctioning circuit board is the shining lights of your garage door opener. If the lights of the garage door opener have been flashing, it is a clear indication that you may have issues with the circuit board. In some cases, your garage door opener may also become unresponsive to the commands of your keypad and remote.

Jammed Motor

Another common garage door opener issue is when you try to operate your garage door opener while the manual disconnect lever of your garage door is turned on. If this may be the case while in operation, your garage door opener may not respond to any of the commands of your remote or keypad.

If this is the case, you should engage the trolley to check if it works. If the garage door opener still does not operate after that, you must contact a professional for help.

Electrical Problems

Another common issue overlooked by most clients is sufficient power. For your garage door opener to operate properly, you must ensure that it receives the correct amount of electrical supply from the outlet.

Malfunctioning Capacitors

Another common cause for your garage door troubles can be faulty a malfunctioning capacitor. In this case, your garage door opener may show as operational but will not lift or lower your garage door. If you only hear an unresponsive buzz from your unresponsive garage door opener, you must call for professional help.

Safety Sensors Not Responding

Jammed Motor

Electrical Problems

Malfunctioning Capacitors

Call the Experts at Best Garage Door Repair

If you face problems with your garage door opener and require immediate assistance, you should call for urgent help at Best Garage Door Repair. Upon your first call to our technicians, our experts will reach the site of the problem as soon as possible to take an in-depth look at the situation. After analyzing the issue you have been facing, our experts will provide you with an affordable and prompt garage door opener repair solution.

If you find yourself in a fix, please contact Best Garage Door Repair at (713) 352-1174 for the best garage door opener repair services in Houston, Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of garage door openers are there?

There are three main types of garage door openers:

1. Belt Drive: As the most common garage door opener, belt drives use a rubber belt rather than a chain. 

2. Chain Drive: A chain is used between the motor and trolley to lift the door. Metal-on-metal contact makes it a loud option for a garage door opener, but it is the cheapest. 

3. Screw Drive: Rather than a belt or chain, a threaded screw is used between the motor and trolley. This opener is the easiest to maintain but is the loudest of the three options.

How do I find out what size garage door opener I need?

The size of your garage door will determine what horsepower you need in an opener. Locate the manufacturer sticker on either side of the door for the product details. Using the serial number, find the weight and dimensions of the door. From there, you can find what horsepower you need for a garage door opener. 

Can I install or replace my own garage door opener?

You can certainly try. However, we recommend you have a professional garage door technician perform any repairs or replacements you need. The team at Best Garage Door Repair can offer you the repairs you may need at any time of the day. We’ll ensure the opener functions correctly and operates as it’s needed. 

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