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Has your garage door been squeakier than usual? Have you been disturbed by the rattling, popping, and screeching sounds whenever your garage door moves? Are the grinding noises from your garage door reminiscent of nails on a chalkboard? Whether or not you’re disturbed by noisy garage doors, you want to address whatever might be causing them to produce unusual sounds before anything gets worse. Whatever the cause may be, you want to be prepared to address noisy garage doors with some expert troubleshooting advice. 

6 Tips For Addressing Noisy Garage Doors 

It’s important to silence whatever strange noise your garage door is making as soon as possible. Luckily, with these six tips, you can easily address noisy garage doors and bring peace and quiet back to your home or workplace. 

1. Lubricate Or Replace Hinges And Springs

Hinges and springs are two of the biggest potential culprits behind a garage door making noise. If they are the cause of the noise but don’t appear to be visibly damaged or rusting, you should be able to simply lubricate these parts with silicone spray. However, if these parts have sustained visible wear and tear, you’ll need to get them replaced as soon as possible. 

2. Replace Rollers

Another potential source of noisy garage doors is worn-out rollers. If you have metal rollers, replace them with nylon ones, then you will notice an immediate improvement in the sound quality of your garage door. Of course, even non-metal rollers can sustain wear and tear that might lead to unpleasant sounds. In either case, you’ll need to replace the rollers with new ones that’ll surely last a long time. To ensure that they last, make time to clean out the tracks so the rollers don’t face any problems posed by debris buildup. 

3. Tighten Loose Hardware

Sometimes, noisy garage doors are just the product of loose hardware. In this case, inspect your garage door for any signs of loose pieces and use a screwdriver or other tool to tighten them accordingly. However, depending on the location of these parts, you’ll want to leave some of the tightening to a garage door technician for your own safety. 

4. Troubleshoot And Secure Garage Door Opener

A malfunctioning garage door opener can also be the source of any unsettling sounds. Start by performing basic troubleshooting on your garage door opener. Usually, you can find troubleshooting tips and tricks in the opener’s user manual. If none of those tricks bear any informative results, see if the opener brackets are properly installed; if they aren’t, take time to secure them

noisy garage doors opener problems

5. Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

If the source of your noisy garage door turns out to be your aging opener, use this as an opportunity to upgrade it. Consider investing in any of the many smart garage door opener options on the market, or change the way you open and close your garage door from a remote control to a keypad. 

6. Install Soundproofing 

Finally, you might find that despite all the noise, your garage door is in normal working condition. In this case, consider installing soundproofing for your garage. Insulating your garage doors is one approach, as is adding anti-vibration pads to your garage door opener. Be sure your soundproofing efforts are targeting the source of the undesirable sound appropriately. 

Keep Your Garage Door In Shape With Best Garage Door Repair!

We hope these six tips for addressing noisy garage doors will help return your home or workplace to its previous state of tranquility. If the cause of the noise is something you can’t easily resolve yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to a garage door service to take care of it for you. The good news is that you can easily hire the best technicians by contacting us at Best Garage Door Repair in Houston today.