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As we near the end of fall and begin experiencing the arrival of winter, it’s important to prepare for the inevitable changes that follow. This preparation includes raking fallen leaves, getting wood to fuel your fireplace, and ensuring everything is well-insulated against the pending cold. One part of your home that you might forget to check on seasonally is your garage door. Seasonal garage door checks will ensure that this essential home security component is in excellent working condition throughout the year. Keep reading this blog to learn more about executing seasonal garage door checks. 

Seasonal Garage Door Checks: A Guide

The best way to avoid having to seek repair services is by doing seasonal garage door checks. First, you will get a look at year-round practices for seasonal garage door checks, then look at practices specific to each change of seasons. 

Year-Round Garage Door Check Practices

During every seasonal garage door check, you should test the auto-reverse feature. This part of your garage door is meant to sense whether or not something is in the path of the garage door and reverse course upon detecting it. You can test it by placing a solid block or other object in the line of sight of the safety sensors, then close the garage door and see whether or not the door reverses. Looking out for loose hardware, inspecting and replacing damaged rollers, and cleaning and moving parts are also vital parts of year-round garage door checks for every season. 

seasonal garage door checks loose hardware


Seasonal garage door checks for the transition into winter to avoid issues like frozen parts. More specifically, you want to check and replace the weatherstripping. Leaving damaged or worn-out weatherstripping on your garage door will make damage more likely. If you live somewhere that gets rather cold, you don’t want to deal with frozen weatherstripping on top of all the other maintenance requirements for your garage door. 


When trees and flowers blossom again, it’s time to take another look at your garage door. As far as seasonal garage door checks go, spring ones are pretty standard. The main part of your garage door you want to focus on is the panels. After cleaning the panels, you want to give that same treatment to other parts of your door, but it’s always good to start the new year with a clean garage door. 


Aside from reapplying paint to the panels if necessary, when inspecting your garage door in the summer, you want to look out for any signs of rust. You want to tackle rust before it spreads, since it can quickly wear out your metal parts. It’s also a good idea to ensure your insulation is up to snuff by checking your energy bills for any significant changes. 


Finally, seasonal garage door checks in the fall are pretty standard. All you need to do is clean and inspect all the parts. You especially want to keep an eye out for debris, such as fallen leaves, to get them out of the tracks so they don’t cause problems. 

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This guide to seasonal garage door checks will hopefully prepare you to care for your garage door throughout all four seasons. With this schedule, you have no excuse to miss out on keeping your garage door in prime working condition. However, you might find yourself worried about messing up these tasks, so don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional garage door repair service for help. Luckily, our team at Best Garage Door Repair specializes in inspections and maintenance services, so contact us today.

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